Virtual Work: Outsourcing VS Outstaffing

outsourcing vs outstaffing

Let’s assume that you need additional helping hands to your business’ operations. The first thing that comes to your mind is to hire in-house employees, to get rid of the roadblocks, stopping you to be productive.

In our generation todaytechnology influence, hiring staffs for in-house employees is not the only option you have. In fact, you can choose from outsourcing or outstaffing, but not knowing the differences between the two can hurt your business in the long run.

Outsourcing can be a team of professionals or well-established company that will work for you on a project basis. This means entrusting all the process needed for the project from A to Z. Outstaffing is one of the hiring processes, where you are responsible for hiring employee or expert.  To make it simpler, outstaffing is hiring a home-based worker as part of your in-house employees along with the requirements.


If you prefer outstaffing, you will meet several professionals offering their services from low, mediumabove average rates. These professionals have different expertisework experience. Most of their fees are based in hourly rates.

While in outsourcing staffing in Philippines, they have serviceproduct packages you can choose e.g. outsourced data entry services. Most of their fees are based on a project basis, payable either one-time fee or fixed monthly rate.

Project Development

In outsourcing, they have a team leader that will assess, evaluatemanage if the projectsits qualities are done properlyon time. All you have to do is to receive project updatesreports from their end.

Meanwhile in outstaffing, instead of focusing for a client’s presentation, go over to your employees’ payroll, you have to allow additional time checking the projects to the outstaffing member.

Knowing the differences between outsourcingoutstaffing regarding costsproject development keeps you on the right track.